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New all time highest liquidity on CEEGEX


Trading volumes hit record levels while CEEGEX further developed its trading environment and admitted five new members so far this year.

Due to continuous developments of the trading environment and the increasing number of members, the monthly volumes have been constantly rising from the beginning of 2019. As a result, traded volumes already exceeded the total traded amount of 2018. In May, the total traded volume on the spot market reached 3.71 TWh, which means a 21% increase compared to the previous record, which was realized in April with 2.95 TWh. The daily traded volume also set a record on 18 April with 428,196 MWh, 60% higher than the previous record. In the first months of the year, CEEGEX also welcomed five new members to its spot market and introduced extended tradability of spot gas products. For the rest of the year, further developments are expected aiming to make the market membership even more attractive to the present and potential new members as well.