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Trader exam

Traders must be professionally qualified to trade on CEEGEX. Evidence of the required specialized knowledge is demonstrated by passing an exam (CEEGEX raders exam), leading to the qualification as a CEEGEX Trader.

All Exchange Traders who were previously passed the EPEX SPOT Trader’s exam shall not have to pass the HUPX Trader’s Examination for trading on HUPX SPOT.

The training and the exam are managed by HUPX. To apply for the exam, please send us the filled in and signed application form for membership@hupx.hu.

Online exam

From October 13, 2018 online trader training and exam services are available. The E-learning system provides remote access to training materials and gives the opportunity to take the exams online. For further information please find the documents below:

 CEEGEX Spot online trader training and exam conditions

 Online trader training and exam application form

CEEGEX Trader’s exam fees

Online materials and trader’s exam


Regular price

600 €

5 - 10 trainees

550 €

11 - 20 trainees

500 €

Above 20 trainees

450 €

 In case of any question, feel free to contact us at membership@ceegex.hu!