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Terms and conditions of use of CEEGEX Ltd.'s website

You may access the data and information, including in particular, but not limited to, news, analysis, data generated and published in the course of trading and prices calculated or indexes created from them (hereinafter: “Content”) available on this website only by accepting these terms and conditions of use; therefore you are requested to read these carefully. In case you do not accept these terms and conditions, you shall not be authorised to access and to use the Content.

1. Ownership of the Content, liability of CEEGEX Ltd.

Unless stated otherwise, all Content on the Website is the property of CEEGEX Ltd. and is protected by copyright.

Any Content available on the website is exclusively for informational purposes; it cannot and shall not be considered to represent investment advice originating from CEEGEX Ltd. or a public offer in respect of any of the investment opportunities shown on the website.

CEEGEX Ltd. makes every effort to ensure that the Content available on the server shall be true, accurate and timely, and access to the website shall be continuous and undisturbed, but CEEGEX Ltd. does not warrant these and accepts no liability in their respect. The user shall have sole liability for the use of the data and information.

This website includes references to other websites, operated by other service providers (links). CEEGEX Ltd. does not assume any responsibility for the operation and contents of these sites. 

CEEGEX Ltd. does not accept any kind of liability for any loss, damages, costs or expenses arising from, amongst others, errors, omissions or alterations, in the Content that is available on the server.

CEEGEX Ltd. advises to take no decision based on the broadcasted Content before checking the information. The user is solely responsible for the use he/she makes of the Content. As a consequence, the user acknowledges that he/she uses the Content at his/her own risks.

2. Use of the Content

The Content found on this website is for the personal use of individual visitors and may only be used within the frames of free use provided by the law and may be quoted for information purposes.

All further distribution or redistribution of this Content, commercial or otherwise, by any media whatsoever, is forbidden without the express written prior consent of CEEGEX Ltd. The reproduction, copying, duplication, transfer or creation of hypertext links, in any manner, of all or part of the Content that appears on the site also requires the prior written approval of CEEGEX Ltd.

3. Use of market data, prices and indexes

Any index created or price calculated by CEEGEX Ltd. may be used freely and free of charge by anyone for internal calculations (not to be passed on or published) and for the settlement of contracts concluded outside of an organized or regulated market, in particular for the price determination of natural gas trading and supply contracts.

However, this contribution does not constitute a commitment on the part of CEEGEX Ltd. to maintain or publish any index or calculated price in the future, nor to make it available free of charge, nor does it constitute its suitability for any particular purpose or that it’s free of errors.

CEEGEX Ltd. will endeavour to publish any changes in the data it publishes, in the indexes it creates and in the prices it calculates without undue delay on its website.

If a user intends to use any index created by CEEGEX Ltd., in particular "CEEREP" and "CEENDEX", or the price calculated by CEEGEX Ltd. in any other way than the purposes expressly allowed in this section 3, in particular to incorporate them in products or services offered and/or traded on organized or regulated markets or similar platforms, he/she must conclude a contract with CEEGEX Ltd. for their use. Please contact us at membership@ceegex.hu if you wish to do so, or if you have any questions about the further use of the Content.

Any unauthorized or abusive use or attempted unauthorized or abusive use of any index or calculated price created by CEEGEX Ltd. that is not permitted in these Terms and Conditions or in a separate written consent (contract) may subject the user to appropriate legal action and criminal or civil penalties. The handing over of the Content found on the website to unauthorized third parties is considered unauthorized and abusive use.

4. Data protection

If you use any service via the CEEGEX Ltd.’s website where providing your personal data is required, CEEGEX Ltd. will use them in accordance with the data management information published on the website and personal data provided by yourself shall be used by CEEGEX Ltd. exclusively for the purpose for which you provided such data.