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CEEGEX Organized-Market Committee

About the Organized-Market Committee (OMC)

The CEEGEX Organized-Market Committee is an independent body that was established in order to ensure the state of art governance rules.

The Organized-Market Committee is a body elected from the representatives of the CEEGEX Members. It has an advisory role in the process of decision making on the Rules and Regulations and on general decisions related to the CEEGEX Market, the Hungarian organised gas market.


Members of the CEEGEX Organized-Market Committee

Company OMC Member Mandate starts Mandate expires Member/Observer
KELER CCP Ltd. Csilla Szanyi 01.06.2022 01.06.2024 Observer
E.ON Energiamegoldások Ltd. József Pogonyi 01.06.2022 01.06.2024 Member
Uniper Global Commodities SE Dávid Arnótfalvy-Juhász 01.06.2022 01.06.2024 Member
MET Hungary Ltd. dr. Imre Varga 01.06.2022 01.06.2024 Member
WIEE Hungary Kft. Sergey Ayrapetyan 01.07.2023 01.06.2024 Member
MOL Plc. Máté Józsa 01.06.2022 01.06.2024 Member

The general principles of the Organized-Market Committee are laid in the Market Rules of CEEGEX under Annex VII.

 Date of the last meeting: 04.10.2023

Presentation held during the meeting: >>

Previous meetings:

Presentation held during the meeting on 13.06.2022: >>