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Locational products

Underlying: MSZ ISO 6976 type natural gas traded at GCV (25/0°) on the Hungarian high pressure gas network operated by FGSZ Ltd.*

Delivery: CEEGEX trades are delivered on a designated point (MGP- Hungarian Virtual Point) of the Hungarian high pressure gas network operated by FGSZ Ltd. Delivery takes place on every calendar day of the delivery period. On a given D delivery day physical delivery starts at 6:00 am and ends D+1 day at 6:00 am.

Locational Products for balancing

Products for balancing correspond to locational products traded on a within day or day ahead
basis for delivery on specified locational points of the Hungarian Transmission Network.

 Locational Next-Hour

 Locational Within-Day

 Locational Next-Day

Power and natural gas future products are available on HUDEX from the 3rd January 2018 www.hudex.hu