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Fourfold increase on CEEGEX’s spot market in 2019


Fourfold increase on CEEGEX’s spot market in 2019

CEEGEX reached new heights in 2019 with a traded volume of 34,338 GWh which means a fourfold increase compared to the 8,405 GWh realized in 2018.  CEEGEX reached all time highest trading result in August with the volume of 5.23 GWh. The gas exchange also welcomed 5 new members in 2019 thus it closed the calendar year with 35 members trading on its spot market. In 2020 CEEGEX will continue its work towards increasing the confidence of the market players and exploiting an even broader potential of the Hungarian gas market.

For the 2019 Annual Report visit: https://ceegex.hu/en/market-data/reports

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