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Changes in the price publication of CEEGEX


Changes in the price publication of CEEGEX

From 28th March 2023 CEEGEX Ltd. changes the publication of its prices as detailed below.

Best bid and best ask prices are filtered, and only those Orders are published, which meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. The Order quantity is over 10 MW, and the duration of the Order is at least 3 minutes.
  2. The Order is dealt, and the sum of the Trade quantity is over 10 MW regardless of the duration of the Order.

CEEGEX introduces CEEREP, a new price index.

CEEREP is an index based on end-of-day (EOD) market price, which reflects the true value of the Hungarian Virtual Point (MGP) at the end of business days. CEEREP follows European best practices by applying well-known qualification parameters, standardized algorithm and a definite reference window. CEEREP is comparable to European natural gas EOD indices, and increases usability compared to the previous MGP prices.

CEEGEX is going to publish the rules of calculation of CEEREP on 28th March 2023.