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Change in the publication of prices on the CEEGEX market from 2024


From 1st of January 2024, CEEGEX is going to terminate publishing best ask and best bid prices.

Furthermore, the current Reference Price methodology is going to be replaced by the methodology of CEEREP, which better reflects end-of-day value of the Hungarian natural gas market.

CEEGEX encourages market participants to use the newly launched CEEREP index or the volume weighted average price in the bilateral contracts, especially towards consumers.

CEEREP is an index calculated on the basis of end of day (EOD) prices that faithfully reflects the price level of the Hungarian Virtual Point (MGP) at the end of business days. CEEREP is based on the European best practices applying well-known qualification parameters, a standardized algorithm and a predefined reference window. CEEREP is a benchmark comparable to European EOD natural gas indices, increasing the usability of CEEGEX prices compared to previous MGP prices.

Further information about CEEREP: CX-MN-2023-0004 Introduction of new CEEGEX index