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CEEGEX signes MoU about trans-regional gas market integration


CEEGEX signed a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday, which is the outcome of the SEEGAS initiative of the Energy Community.

Initiated by the Energy Community Secretariat, the SEEGAS project aims to bring together exchanges and transmission system operators in Central and Eastern Europe in order to develop cross-border trading, introduce transparent, competitive and non-discriminatory interregional market-based pricing mechanisms.

Signatories include the Energy Community Secretariat, energy exchanges or trading service providers BRM (Romania), UEEX (Ukraine), TGE (Poland), CEEGEX (Hungary), CEGH (Austria) as well as gas transmission system operators Moldovatransgaz (Moldova), GTSO (Ukraine), FGSZ (Hungary) and GAZ-System (Poland).

For more information please read Energy Community’s press release:

Energy Community Homepage (energy-community.org)