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Membership admission

The applicant can only begin to trade on CEEGEX and register trades once it has been successfully admitted to the exchange.

Preconditions of the membership:

  • Network Usage Framework contract (with FGSZ Ltd.)
  • Natural gas trading licence (MEKH)
  • Clearing Membership Agreement with KELER CCP and appropriate assurance on deposit account
  • CEEGEX Trader exam

For more information regarding admission to KELER please visit KELER’s website.

After fulfilling the preconditions the applicant shall send the completed admission forms and supporting documents via email to the membership@hupx.hu and the originals to CEEGEX via post:

  • duly signed Membership Agreement in 2 originals (C01)
  • duly signed identification form in original (D01)
  • duly signed form about the authorized signatures of the company regarding CEEGEX trading (D02)
  • duly signed trader registration form (D03) as well as trader’s CV and copy of ID
  • duly signed trading account form in original (D04)
  • duly signed tariff package selection form in original (D06)
  • signed Data Handling Declaration form for each registered trader and contact person

Supporting documents:

  • Company Registration Extract (issued within 30 calendar days)
  • copy of natural gas trading license issued by MEKH (Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority)
  • copy of notarized specimen of signature of the authorized persons
  • copy of Network Usage Framework contract with FGSZ (Hungarian Transmission System Operator)
  • copy of the current articles of association / statutes
  • copy of VAT certification
  • copy of annual report
  • duly signed REMIT reporting agreement in 2 originals or statement that the applicant do not intend to conclude the Data Reporting Agreement with CEEGEX Ltd.

Please find additional information about REMIT reporting and the available reporting agreements HERE.

In case of any questions do not hestitate to contact us at membership@hupx.hu

Admission process

Admission forms (download)